What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Music?

A person who loves music can have several descriptive terms applied to them. Perhaps the most basic term is “music lover,” as this directly conveys their fondness and enthusiasm for musical sounds, genres, and artists. More specific terms could relate to their level of engagement, such as “music aficionado” to denote a deeply knowledgeable fan. Their role could also be denoted, like “musician,” if they actively create music through playing an instrument or singing. Overall, anyone with a strong passion for and appreciation of the dynamic artistic medium that is music could simply be called a person with musical interests, talents, or inclinations since music holds a special place in their world.

Words for Someone Who Loves Music

A Person Who Loves Music
  • Music lover – A basic term to describe anyone with a passion for and fondness for music.
  • Music enthusiast – Someone who is very excited and interested in music.
  • Music aficionado – A knowledgeable connoisseur who truly appreciates music.
  • Music fanatic – An intense music lover who is incredibly devoted to artists and genres.
  • Musician – A person who is skilled at creating music themselves through singing or playing instruments.
  • Songwriter – Someone who writes and composes original songs and melodies.
  • DJ – A disc jockey who plays and mixes music for listeners.
  • Music critic – A person who analyzes, reviews, and comments on musical works.
  • Audiophile – A very dedicated music lover who values high-quality sound reproduction equipment.
  • Music lover – A basic term to describe anyone with a passion for and fondness for music.


  • Music is their passion – They have a deep love and enthusiasm for listening to a variety of artists and genres.
  • Knowledgeable – A music lover often prides themselves on knowing details about songs, musicians, albums, and the industry.
  • Creative outlet – Many music lovers find inspiration and release through creating their own songs, playlists, or artwork.
  • Social aspect – Music brings people together, and music lovers enjoy sharing discoveries and bonding over favorite artists.
  • Relaxation and joy – Listening to tunes provides enjoyment, relaxation, and positive feelings for a music lover.
  • Lifestyle – For serious music lovers, it can become more than a hobby and influence career paths, collections, and regular activities.

Music Aficionado

A music aficionado is someone with a passionate devotion to music. They have cultivated extensive expertise and knowledge through dedicated listening and study over many years. As a connoisseur, a music aficionado has discerning tastes and can appreciate subtle nuances within genres, styles, and musical eras. 

They are well-versed in various artists, both mainstream and obscure. Beyond just enjoying music, a music aficionado actively seeks to understand the technical, theoretical, and historical aspects of compositions. They may participate in live performances and discussions to further explore their interests. 

The level of expertise and enthusiasm that a music aficionado brings allows them to analyze and engage with musical works on a deeper intellectual level beyond just casual enjoyment. Their devotion to music is a cherished expertise.

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A melomaniac is someone who is obsessively passionate about and devoted to music. The term comes from the Greek words for music (“melo”) and madness or mania. As a melomaniac, music plays an all-consuming role in their life and thoughts. 

They are constantly listening to, thinking about, discovering, and discussing music. Every aspect of musical expression deeply intrigues and inspires them. Melomaniacs pursue music with an intense and driven single-mindedness. 

Developing their understanding and appreciation of music is a driving motivation. While some may focus primarily on enjoyment, others channel their melomanic tendencies into musicianship, scholarship, criticism, or other creative outlets related to music. 

For the melomaniac, music saturates their being and mindset. It provides profound meaning, emotion and fulfillment that perhaps nothing else can replace.


A melophile is someone with an abiding love and affinity for melody in music. The term combines the Greek words for music (“melo”) and love (“phile”). As a melophile, appreciating strong, compelling melodies is what most enriches the musical experience. 

They are drawn to songs, artists and genres known for their catchy, hummable and emotionally resonant tunes. A melophile takes pleasure in discovering new melodic hooks to immerse themselves in. 

More than just passively enjoying a tune, melophiles may analyze melodic construction and the craft of melody-writing. They possess a connoisseur’s knowledge of historically significant melodies and melody-makers. 

For the melophile, the aesthetic power of a perfectly formed melodic line is what most touches them on an emotional level and deepens their connection to music. Strong melodies are the feature they most admire across many musical styles and eras.

What do you call a person who loves Old music?

A Person Who Loves Music

A person who has a deep love and appreciation for older, classic or vintage music could be referred to as a nostalgic music lover. They enjoy exploring decades past and discovering seminal artists, genres and hits from bygone eras. 

As a nostalgic music lover, they find beauty, emotion, and cultural significance in listening to recordings made long before their own lifetime. They may be especially drawn to learn the history and context behind important musicians and movements from earlier times. 

Beyond passive listening, a nostalgic music lover also seeks out live acts, documentaries, books and other ways to relive the spirit of musical periods in the past. Reverence for the artistic innovations and sounds of earlier decades is a hallmark of this type of music connoisseur seeking to preserve and spread appreciation for great antiquated tunes.


What do you call a music lover?

A music lover is someone who has a great passion and love for music.

What is a music enthusiast?

A music enthusiast is a person who is very excited and interested in music.

What do you call a music person?

A music person is someone who is involved with music through listening, creating, or studying it.

Who is a music lover?

A music lover is an individual who has a deep fondness and enthusiasm for musical works, genres and artists.


There are many ways to describe someone who possesses a strong love and affinity for music. Whether it’s a basic term like “music lover” or a more specialized descriptor relating to their interests, knowledge or talents, various names exist to capture someone’s musical passion. 

For some, it may simply be an enjoyable hobby, while for others music defines their entire identity and influences many aspects of their lives. No matter their level of involvement, from casual listener to expert musicologist, what unites all people with a deep love of music is the profound effect it has on their emotions, creativity and sense of joy or fulfillment. 

Music provides meaning and acts as a bonding force across cultures. Those whose souls are deeply stirred by musical sounds deserve recognition through terms honoring their appreciation. A shared humanality can thus be found in how music brings people together worldwide through its far-reaching ability to delight the melomaniac within us all.

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