13 UNFORGETTABLE Best Breakfast In Long Beach

Good morning, Long Beach! Whether you’re an early bird catching the sunrise or someone easing into the day, the first meal is a moment to savor. It’s not just about quelling hunger; it’s an opportunity to awaken your senses and set the tone for the day ahead. In Long Beach, California, breakfast isn’t just a meal—it’s an experience. With a smorgasbord of options from cozy cafes to bustling bistros, finding the best breakfast in Long Beach is a journey worth taking. This guide is your passport to the most unforgettable breakfast spots, where the food is not just made, but crafted with love, creativity, and a dash of local flavor.

Unearthing the Gems of Morning Meals in Long Beach

Best Breakfast

Long Beach, a city known for its stunning waterfront views and vibrant arts scene, also shines brightly when it comes to its breakfast offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty traditional breakfast, a health-conscious start, or a sweet morning treat, this city has it all. But what makes a breakfast spot truly unforgettable? Is it the freshness of the ingredients, the creativity of the menu, or perhaps the warmth of the service? We believe it’s a combination of all these factors and more. Let’s explore the spots that master this blend, creating the best breakfast experiences in Long Beach.

The Potholder Cafe Downtown

Nestled in the heart of downtown Long Beach, The Potholder Cafe is more than just a place to eat; it’s where locals come to feel at home. Known as “the king of the late breakfast,” this cafe prides itself on its extensive menu that caters to all tastes. 

From the fluffy pancakes that seem to melt in your mouth to the savory omelet filled with fresh, local ingredients, every dish is prepared with care. But what truly sets The Potholder Cafe apart is its welcoming atmosphere, where each guest is greeted with a smile, making it the perfect spot to start your day on a positive note.

The Breakfast Bar

In the vibrant atmosphere of The Breakfast Bar, guests can enjoy not just a meal but an experience that embodies the spirit of Long Beach. Here, the philosophy is simple: breakfast should be bold, delightful, and shared. 

The menu features classics with a twist, like the signature “Uncle Marcee’s Omelette Casserole” or the decadent “Stuff French Toast,” each dish a testament to the chef’s creativity and passion for flavor. Located just a stone’s throw from the ocean, The Breakfast Bar offers a breezy, laid-back setting where friends and families gather to make memories over delicious food.

Discovering the Best Breakfast in Long Beach, California

Best Breakfast

Long Beach, a city renowned for its stunning waterfront views, vibrant art scene, and eclectic neighborhoods, also prides itself on a diverse culinary landscape

The best breakfast spots in town are those that offer more than just good food; they provide a memorable dining experience. Whether it’s the ambiance, the quality of ingredients, or the creativity of the menu, each spot on this list has something unique to offer.

The Potholder Cafe Downtown

Best Breakfast

Touted as the “King of Breakfasts” by Long Beach locals, The Potholder Cafe Downtown is a must-visit. With a menu that features everything from hearty scrambles to indulgent pancakes, the cafe serves up comfort on a plate. 

Local favorites include the infamous “Potholder Potatoes,” a crispy, savory delight that perfectly complements any entree.

Ambiance and Specialty Dishes

Describe the warm, welcoming atmosphere that greets guests, perhaps highlighting the comfortable seating and homey decor that make it an ideal spot for a relaxed morning. Specialize in the cafe’s signature dishes, such as their famous stuffed French toast or the extensive selection of omelets that draw people from all over.

  • Unique Features: Mention if The Potholder Cafe is a local favorite, perhaps due to its long-standing presence in the community or any awards it has won for its exceptional food and service, solidifying its status in Long Beach’s culinary scene.

The Breakfast Bar

Best Breakfast

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Breakfast Bar is where traditional meets trendy. The owners, Josh and Pamela Beadel, have created a welcoming space where diners can enjoy classics with a twist. 

The “Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole” is a standout, showcasing the eatery’s knack for innovation.

Menu Highlights

Detail the standout items on The Breakfast Bar’s menu, emphasizing dishes that offer a new twist on traditional breakfast fare, which might include unique flavor combinations or inventive presentations that make the food not just delicious but also Instagram-worthy.

  • Location’s History or Significance: Share insights into how The Breakfast Bar fits into the larger tapestry of Long Beach’s culinary scene. This could involve a brief history of its establishment, its contribution to revitalizing a neighborhood, or how it reflects the cultural diversity of the area.

Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil

Best Breakfast

A visit to Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil feels like stepping into a beloved relative’s kitchen. Known for its home-style cooking and warm atmosphere, this spot offers a range of baked goods and breakfast classics. Their pies, baked fresh daily, are the perfect sweet treat after a savory meal.

Baked Goods and Home-style Breakfast Offerings 

Focus on the bakery’s selection of homemade pies, bread, and pastries that complement the full breakfast menu. Emphasize the comfort and nostalgia evoked by their home-style dishes, making it a beloved spot among locals and visitors alike.

  • Cozy Atmosphere and Family-Friendly Vibe: Describe the welcoming, warm environment that makes families and groups feel at home. Highlight elements like decor, seating arrangements, and any special accommodations for children to illustrate how Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil caters to a family-oriented audience.

Coffee Cup Cafe

Best Breakfast

For those who believe breakfast is incomplete without a great cup of coffee, the Coffee Cup Cafe is your haven. Pairing gourmet brews with vibrant dishes, this cafe caters to both traditional and health-conscious palates. The “Quinoa Breakfast Bowl” is a nourishing start to the day, packed with flavor and energy.

Quality of Coffee and Breakfast Combos

Emphasize the cafe’s focus on high-quality coffee, perhaps detailing the source of their beans or their brewing methods. Highlight popular breakfast combos that offer a satisfying start to the day, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

  • Health-conscious or Vegan Options: Mention the availability of health-conscious and vegan options, showcasing the cafe’s commitment to inclusivity and catering to all dietary needs. This can include descriptions of specific dishes or ingredients that are particularly popular.

The Crooked Duck

Best Breakfast

Quirky in name and character, The Crooked Duck offers a laid-back vibe alongside its delicious breakfast menu. The “Duck Dive French Toast” is a decadent choice, while the outdoor seating allows diners to enjoy the beautiful Long Beach weather.

Quirky Decor and Signature Breakfast Dishes

Describe the unique, possibly themed, decor that adds to the dining experience, making The Crooked Duck stand out. Highlight signature breakfast dishes that contribute to its popularity, focusing on flavors, ingredients, and presentation.

  • Customer Favorites: Share dishes that have become hits with the regulars, possibly including quotes from reviews or testimonials that praise these menu items. This section can give readers a sense of community and shared experience.

Ubuntu The Greatest Neighborhood Cafe

Ubuntu takes the concept of a neighborhood cafe to the next level, emphasizing community and connection. Their globally inspired menu includes dishes like the “African Shakshuka,” a testament to their commitment to bringing the world to your plate.

Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Talk about how Ubuntu Cafe integrates sustainability and community support into its business model, such as by sourcing ingredients locally or engaging in community events.

  • Globally Inspired Breakfast Menu: Detail the breakfast menu’s global influences, highlighting dishes that draw from various cuisines around the world, offering a unique dining experience that reflects the diversity of Long Beach itself.

Schooner Or Later

Located by the marina, Schooner Or Later offers scenic views that make your breakfast outing an experience. Their “Harbor Benedict” is a local legend, perfect for those who love a classic with a side of ocean breeze.

Waterfront Location and Views

Emphasize the scenic waterfront location, suggesting the best times of day to enjoy the views with breakfast. Highlight how the setting enhances the dining experience, making it ideal for leisurely mornings or special occasions.

  • Best Dishes for a Seaside Breakfast Experience: Recommend dishes that are particularly enjoyable by the water, such as fresh seafood options or breakfast cocktails, providing readers with a guide to making the most of the location.

Starling Diner

Starling Diner, a hidden gem breakfast spot, captures the essence of a cozy, intimate meal. Their “Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes” are a dreamy start to any day, showcasing the diner’s flair for combining flavors.

Ambiance and Standout Breakfast Plates

Describe the diner’s unique ambiance, which might include a retro vibe or cozy decor, contributing to a memorable visit. Highlight standout breakfast plates, focusing on what makes them special, whether it’s the ingredients, preparation method, or a story behind the dish.

  • Accolades or Awards: If Starling Diner has received any accolades or awards, mention these as evidence of its quality and popularity. This can help assure readers of a worthwhile dining experience.

The Pan

The Pan is celebrated for its diverse menu, especially the range of pancake options. From buttermilk to gluten-free, there’s something for every pancake lover. Their “Bacon & Cheese Potato Pancakes” offer a savory twist on a breakfast staple.

Variety of Pancake Options

Best Breakfast

Focus on the diversity of pancakes available, from classic recipes to innovative creations, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Highlighting the variety can showcase The Pan’s specialization and creativity in breakfast cuisine.

  • Unique or Must-Try Dishes: Identify dishes that are unique to The Pan, encouraging readers to try something new. These recommendations can help readers navigate the menu and choose something that enhances their dining experience.

The Attic

The Attic’s Southern-inspired menu brings comfort food to the forefront. The “Mac n’ Cheetos” is a daring dish that’s become a must-try for both locals and visitors, embodying the spirit of Long Beach’s culinary innovation.

Southern-inspired Breakfast Menu 

Best Breakfast

Discuss how The Attic brings Southern charm to Long Beach with its breakfast menu, highlighting dishes that offer a taste of Southern hospitality and comfort food.

  • Historic Building or Unique Decor: If The Attic is located in a historic building or features unique decor, describe these aspects to add depth to the reader’s understanding of the dining experience, making it not just about the food but also about enjoying the space.

Creme De La Crepe Long Beach

For a taste of France in California, Creme De La Crepe is the go-to. Their delicate crepes, both sweet and savory, are artfully prepared, offering a refined yet comforting breakfast option.

French-inspired Menu and Best Crepe Dishes

Highlight the French-inspired menu, focusing on the variety and quality of crepes available. Describe a few standout crepe dishes, emphasizing their authenticity and flavors.

  • Cozy, Romantic Atmosphere: Describe the atmosphere as cozy and romantic, perfect for dates or quiet mornings. Mention any design elements or aspects of the service that contribute to this ambiance.

Blackbird Cafe

Blackbird Cafe is a modern eatery that focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their “Avocado Toast” is a simple yet perfectly executed dish that highlights the cafe’s commitment to quality and flavor.

  • Modern Twist on Classic Breakfast Dishes: Explain how Blackbird Cafe offers a modern take on classic breakfast dishes, incorporating contemporary flavors and techniques to elevate the dining experience.
  • Organic or Locally Sourced Ingredients: Emphasize the cafe’s commitment to using organic or locally sourced ingredients, highlighting how this focus on quality impacts the taste and sustainability of their dishes.

Hof’s Hut

Rounding out the list is Hof’s Hut, a Long Beach staple with a history as rich as its breakfast offerings. The “Classic Breakfast Platter” is a tribute to traditional American breakfast, made with care and served with a smile.

  • Traditional American Breakfast: Describe Hof’s Hut’s traditional American breakfast offerings, emphasizing the classic dishes that have made it a staple in the Long Beach dining scene.
  • Long History in Long Beach: Share a bit of Hof’s Hut’s history in Long Beach, including how it has served the community over the years and any signature dishes that have become local favorites.

Unique Selling Points

This aspect focuses on what sets each breakfast spot apart from the others. It’s about identifying the elements that make a place special or different. This could be anything from a dish that can only be found at that particular cafe or restaurant, the history behind the establishment that adds character, or even a unique service approach that enhances the dining experience.

  • How to Apply: For each breakfast spot, identify at least one unique selling point. For example, if a café uses only organic, locally sourced ingredients, that’s a strong, unique selling point. If another spot has been operating since the 1950s and maintains its original decor, that’s a unique selling point rooted in history. Highlighting these factors will help readers understand why these places are worth visiting.

Local Favorites

This section should focus on the dishes or offerings that are particularly popular among regular patrons. It’s about showcasing what menu items have garnered a loyal following and what first-time visitors should consider trying. Local favorites often reflect the quality and appeal of the establishment’s offerings.

  • How to Apply: Research or ask the establishment about their best-selling items or dishes that are often praised by customers. Mentioning these dishes not only makes the article more useful to readers but also gives a sense of the culinary strengths of each place. For instance, if “The Crooked Duck” is known for its duck-themed breakfast specials, that’s a detail that would intrigue readers and potentially draw them to visit.

Atmospheric Details

The atmosphere or ambiance of a breakfast spot contributes significantly to the overall experience. This point is about painting a picture of what it feels like to be in space. Is it a bustling, energetic place with vibrant murals, or a serene, sunlit café with a view of the beach? The atmosphere can greatly influence a customer’s choice, depending on what type of dining experience they’re looking for.

  • How to Apply: Provide vivid descriptions of each establishment’s atmosphere. Use sensory details to help readers visualize the setting. For example, describe the sound of jazz music playing softly in the background, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, or the sight of locals enjoying a leisurely breakfast in a sun-drenched courtyard. This can help potential visitors imagine themselves in the scene, increasing their interest in experiencing it firsthand.

Customer Experiences

Sharing actual customer experiences or reviews can add a layer of authenticity and relatability. Positive anecdotes or quotes can validate the quality of the food and service, while unique stories can highlight memorable aspects of the dining experience that may not be immediately apparent from a menu or website.

  • How to Apply:Include specific anecdotes or quotes from customers who have visited the breakfast spots. This could be a memorable interaction with the staff, a particular dish that exceeded expectations, or how the place made them feel. 


What is a unique feature of The Potholder Cafe Downtown in Long Beach?

The Potholder Cafe Downtown is known for its extensive omelet selection and its status as a local favorite for hearty breakfasts.

Which breakfast spot in Long Beach offers a French-inspired menu with a variety of crepe dishes?

Creme De La Crepe Long Beach specializes in French-inspired cuisine, offering a wide selection of both sweet and savory crepe dishes.

What makes Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil a must-visit for breakfast in Long Beach?

Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil is celebrated for its homemade baked goods and comforting, home-style breakfast offerings in a cozy atmosphere.

Which Long Beach breakfast spot is noted for its commitment to community and sustainability?

Ubuntu The Greatest Neighborhood Cafe is renowned for its focus on community and sustainability, along with a globally inspired breakfast menu.

Where in Long Beach can you enjoy breakfast with scenic waterfront views?

Schooner Or Later offers a unique breakfast experience with its beautiful waterfront location and views, perfect for a seaside meal.

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