Jai Malik Wiggins Jr – Meet Yung Miami’s Baby Daddy

Yung Miami, one-half of the explosively popular hip hop duo City Girls alongside JT, has become a viral sensation and queen of rap with hits like “In My Feelings” featuring Drake. But before the glitz and glam, there was Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. – Yung Miami’s beloved son and only child, who remains at the center of her world. While Yung Miami’s fame continues to soar in Miami’s thriving hip-hop landscape and beyond, 10-year-old Jai Jr. remains central to her world as her cherished “Prince.” As Yung Miami once told the media, “He’s just perfect and so sweet. He’s everything to me.” Yet behind Jai Jr. ‘s emerging stardom lies a tragic backstory interwoven with true love—the deep connection he shared with doting father Jai Malik Wiggins Sr., whose own story ended abruptly in fatal gun violence when Jai Jr. was just a baby. 

Today, Jai Jr. carries his father’s memory while blossoming into his own, guided eternally by the city of Miami he calls home.

A Father’s Love

Malik Wiggins

Jai Jr.’s father is Jai Malik Wiggins Sr., who first met Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee in their hometown of Miami, Florida. 

When the rapstress gave birth to Jai Jr. in 2014, Jai Sr. was overjoyed and utterly devoted to both his new girlfriend Yung Miami and their baby boy, Jai Jr.

A Precious Connection: Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. and His Father

Malik Wiggins

The bond between Jai Malik Wiggins Sr. and his baby boy, Jai Jr., was evident from the start. As a new father, Jai Sr. doted on his son constantly, showering him with love and affection. He would proudly show off the baby on his social media pages, including LinkedIn, OneWalmart and Facebook, posting photos of little Jai Jr. with captions like “My twin! Pops loves you, son.” Friends remarked that Jai Sr.’s entire world revolved around Jai Jr. He gained an even larger platform to share his immense pride and love for his baby boy thanks to social sites like OneWalmart.

As the baby grew into a toddler, their precious connection only strengthened. Since Jai Sr. and Yung Miami were not in a relationship, they co-parented amicably with Jai Jr., splitting time between both parents. 

But father and son were utterly inseparable during their time together. They could often be spotted playing together at the park, toy shopping, or visiting family. “His father had him the majority of the time, they had a really close relationship,” Yung Miami once revealed in an interview. Sadly, Jai Sr.’s brutal murder would end this blissful era, leaving Jai Jr. with a permanent scar.

A Father’s Tragic End

Malik Wiggins

Heartbreakingly, Jai Malik Wiggins Sr.’s life was tragically cut short when he was ruthlessly murdered in June 2016, leaving 8-month old Jai Jr. without a father. 

The devastating shooting occurred during a domestic dispute, though details remain murky even years later, with no suspects named. Yung Miami was utterly devastated over her boyfriend’s shocking murder, later describing it as “one of the worst moments of my life.” 

Most tragically, little Jai Jr. would now have to grow up without his dad.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.’s Emerging Presence

Malik Wiggins

As the firstborn son of celebrity rapper Yung Miami, Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.’s own fame is steadily rising. With over 5 million followers across social media, his mother’s fan base and media attention ensure that 10-year-old Jai Jr. is growing up in the spotlight. 

Yung Miami regularly keeps her fans updated by posting the latest pics and videos of her beloved “Prince.”

Already, it’s clear that Jai Jr. is developing into his own person under the doting eye of Yung Miami and City Girls partner JT, whom he affectionately calls his “auntie.” 

He actively pursues hobbies like playing youth football, drawing, and making music playlists. On his last birthday, his mother threw an extravagant bash with carnival rides and a splashy video tribute. 

With his confidence and charming personality shining through, there is no doubt that Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. has a bright future carved out in Miami’s thriving entertainment scene. Still, Yung Miami notes that her son remains a typical unassuming child: “He doesn’t care about me being famous or any of that. He’s just a normal kid.”


Who is Summer Miami’s father?

Jai Malik Wiggins Sr. is the father of Yung Miami’s son, Summer Miami.

What happened to Yung Miami’s baby dad?

Yung Miami’s baby dad, Jai Malik Wiggins Sr., was tragically murdered in a shooting incident in June 2016 when their son Jai Jr. was just 8 months old.

How many baby fathers does Yung Miami have?

Yung Miami has one baby father, Jai Malik Wiggins Sr., who is the father of her only child, her son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

How long have Diddy and Yung Miami been together?

Yung Miami and Diddy have been romantically linked together since around mid-2022, so they have been together for about 8 or 9 months as of February 2023.

Who was born in Miami?

Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee, is a member of the rap duo City Girls who was born and raised in Miami.


As Yung Miami continues cementing her status as Miami’s hottest hip-hop export alongside City Girls partner JT, she remains focused on her number one role – motherhood. Despite the glitz and fast fame, she calls her 10-year-old son Jai Malik Jr. – the boy who calls her by her real name, Caresha – her “rock through all the BS.” 

This charming prince carries the spirit of his late father, Jai Sr., whose devastating murder when Jai Jr. was just an infant left an irreplaceable hole in their lives. Yet Caresha pours her love into young Jai, alongside ‘auntie’ JT, who treats the boy like her own. 

As this mini-Wiggins grows up between studio sessions and show dates, his passions for music, sports, and entertainment unfold before the watchful eyes of millions. 

One thing’s for certain – Jai Jr. will continue discovering his talents under Miami’s eternal sunshine, guided by his mother’s fierce love and the enduring memory of the father tragically stolen from him. The City Boy dynasty rolls on.

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